Workplace: Top 10 Ways to Get Promoted

There are no hard and fast rules for how to get promoted successfully. Sometimes it simply depends on what else is going on in the workplace like senior colleagues moving on. Nonetheless, here are things that employees and everyone can do to improve their chances of promotion. Read more...
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There are no hard and fast rules for how to get promoted successfully. Sometimes it simply depends on what else is going on in the workplace like senior colleagues moving on.

Nonetheless, there are certain things that everyone can do to improve their chances of promotion.

1. Seize opportunities
Don’t miss a chance to take on additional managerial tasks when a manager is not around. This might be for holiday or maternity cover, but it could also just be by helping out at busy times. Taking the initiative in a role successfully proves you can do it if the opportunity to do so becomes permanent.

2. Be diligent
One of the most important things to do in your current role – if you want to progress from it – is to perform well. Even if you are bored occasionally and feel professionally frustrated make sure that you don’t neglect your current duties. A slapdash approach now could mean that senior managers think you are not cut out for promotion.

3. Be open
Try to avoid tacit strategies for getting promoted like making deals with colleagues. If you want to be considered for promotion, then you will need to let your boss know that this what you want – even if it means you are saying that ultimately you would like their job.

4. Train appropriately
You may have gained plenty of on-the-job experience during your time in your present role. Although this might mean that you think you are ready to be promoted, there may be something holding you back. In such circumstances you should book yourself on to a training course or two to make sure that you have sufficient skills to be considered for promotion.

5. Look internally
Within larger businesses there is usually a number of promotion opportunities at any one time. This is commonly due to people retiring from their jobs, corporate restructuring programmes and because executives move on to employment elsewhere. Don’t just wait for an opening in your team or department. Keep your internal promotion options open.

6. Get noticed
Sometimes you need to impress those above you in the hierarchy of an organisation. To be considered for promotion this might mean reporting to senior bosses and not just your line manager. Take the chance to deliver presentations or run new procedural ideas past senior managers which will help to show off your potential.


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7. Make business cases
When you are given the opportunity to go for a promotion, it is important not to simply state that you are the right person for the job. You will need to make a business case for why you are going to be good for the role. For example, this could mean presenting changes you have already implemented that have led to greater customer satisfaction or cost savings.

8. Focus on appearance
Sometimes just the way you look can make a difference. A go-getting employee who is on the way up in their career will often look like they are the part in addition to performing well. In most businesses this means looking smart and ready to go every day.

9. Remain positive
If you go for a promotion but don’t land the job, then try not to take it personally. Ask what you could have done differently and use any feedback offered to help you when the next opportunity comes around. Above all you should avoid bad-mouthing managers or your company to colleagues just because you were passed over this time.

10. Look elsewhere
Promotion usually means working your way up in an organisation, but many people get the career progression chances they desire by moving outside of their comfort zone and applying for jobs with other businesses. Even if you are not successful with the first couple of jobs you apply for, the whole process can boost your confidence and may lead to improved chances with your current employer.

Now that you know how to get promoted, it is important not to try too hard. Coming across as genuine is all part of the promotion process so avoid exaggerating your enthusiasm.

All in all, remember to be yourself.

– Monster

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