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Welcome to Nigeria Rendezvous. Here you will find the top Carnivals and Festivals in Nigeria. Enjoy all your stay here on Nigeria Rendezvous. Remember to subscribe for more of Nigeria Festivals and Carnivals. Read more…

Ofala Festival - Anambra State - Onitsha - Festival News and History
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Ofala Festival: The Great Festival in Igboland

The Ofala Festival is one of the most popular festivals in Onitsha. Onitsha indigenes are a people, who cherish their heritage and value their culture very much in spite of their early contact with education. This is why they pay attention to the traditional ceremonies that abound. Read more…

Enugu New Yam Festival, Enugu, Yam Festival, Festival, Enugu State, Igbo - Latest News - Headline - Nigeria Rendezvous
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Enugu New Yam Festival Events

The aim of the Enugu New Yam Festival is to officially present the newly harvested yams to God and the ancestors of the land. The festival is also an avenue to thank God for sustaining the life of the farmers, the indigenes of the land and the farm product (yam) through a successful planting season. Read more…

Durbar Festival In Northern Nigeria - Latest News - Headline - Nigeria Rendezvous
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Durbar Festival In Northern Nigeria

Durbar Festival dates back hundreds of years to the time when the Emirate (state) in the north used horses in warfare. During this period, each town, district, and nobility household was expected to contribute a regiment to the defense of the Emirate. Once or twice a year, the Emirate military chiefs invited the various regiments for a Durbar (military parade) for the Emir and his chiefs. Read more…

Osun-Osogbo Festival - Osun State Osun Carnival Nigeria
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Osun-Osogbo Festival Event

Osun-Osogbo: At A Glance: The festival of Osun-Osgobo, which takes place every year in Osogbo, Nigeria, celebrates the goddess of fertility, Osun. The festival renews the contract between humans and the divine: Osun offers grace to the community; in return, it vows to honor her Sacred Grove. This ceremony is part of a rich indigenous Yoruba religious tradition that began in West Africa and has become one of the ten largest religions in the world, with upwards of 100 million practitioners. Read more…

Edo State, Ososo Carnival, Ososo, Carnival, Akoko-Edo - Nigeria Rendezvous
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Ososo Carnival Cultural Event

Ososo Carnival is a cultural event which is held annually to showcase the cultural heritage, traditions and tourism potentials of Ososo in Akoko-Edo local government area of Edo State, Nigeria. The Carnival is an exceptional display of the Ososo spirit and its ageless culture of welcome and warm hospitality. It is also an outlandish display of the Ososo culture of peace, deep sense of community and good neighbourliness. Read more…