Chibundu Onuzo - Nigeria Author of Welcome to Lagos
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Chibundu Onuzo Biography and Profile

Chibundu Onuzo started writing at 17, had an agent by 18, signed with Faber at 19 and finished editing when she was 20. In 2011, the 21 year old Chibundu Onuzo’s fierce determination paid off and her first novel, The Spider King’s Daughter was finally published. As the youngest woman to be offered a two-book deal with Faber, one could be forgiven for smelling a gimmick, but one look at the reviews, and one glance over her words, paints a very different picture. This is a story with roots well beyond its years. Read more…

Welcome to Lagos By Chibundu Onuzo
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Welcome to Lagos By Chibundu Onuzo

Five runaways ride the bus from Bayelsa to a better life in a megacity. They are unlikely allies — a private, a housewife, an officer, a militant and a young girl. They share a need for escape and a dream for the future. Soon, they will also share a burden none of them expected, but for now, the five sit quietly with their hopes, as the billboards fly past and shout: Welcome to Lagos. Read more…