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Omoyele Sowore: The New Force

Looking at Sowore’s history of activism, he’s a natural, undisputed master of agitation – a distrupter – as he often tells his audience. Watching his town hall meetings, Sowore would engage in a room full of discontented targets in a rapid-fire Socratic dialogue, nudging them to admit that they were not living up to the civilized standards. Read more…

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Why I am Running For Second Term The Speech President Buhari Never Delivered

Muhammadu Buhari says, “I’m sincerely grateful for the support given me by my ardent supporters and loyalists – the Buharists – who eagerly and always shield me from personal attacks by raking up all sorts of excuses at all times by blaming the Jonathan administration, political opponents, political appointees, and the late Libyan President Qaddafi, anything and anybody except me.” Read more…

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Do They Know PMB Is Not Working For Them?

Igbokwe attempts miserably to clothe the incompetence, incoherence, and nepotism of Buhari’s administration with new meanings. The question is not “do they know PMB is working for them?” Rather, the question should be: Do they know PMB is not working for them? Read more. Read more…

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Obasanjo: Kingmaker Without Chiefs

The end has come for Obasanjo as a kingmaker. The times are different. Nigerians have become wiser. The political climate is changing. The way Nigerians feel about and perceive the social and political environment has created a dynamic political climate. The organic nature of political climate means that at any time public sentiment can impose a change in what’s valued by society. Read more…

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President Buhari Hastens Nigeria’s Break Up

President Buhari looks the other way while his kinsmen – Fulani herdsmen – have turned Benue and other states in the country to killing fields. It is evident that he tacitly approved the killings. With his waffling, wobbling, and shuffling, on restructure, and the genocide carried out by Fulani herdsmen, President Buhari hastens Nigeria’s break up. Read more…


President Muhammadu Buhari: My Man of The Year

Buhari squandered opportunities to rewrite history of Nigeria for permanent revolutionary changes. For his failure to restructure Nigeria and make it a true federalism, for his missed opportunity to jumpstart the economy, failure to reform the judiciary and the criminal justice system, lack of courage to slash bogus salaries, criminal perks and allowances of federal legislators, failure to reform education, health, aviation, to create jobs, to scrap the ragtag NPF and replace it with state and local government police, for successfully submerged Nigeria and Nigerians into distressed and disturbed nation, for being confused, clueless, constrained, castrated, and much more, President Muhammadu Buhari is my Man of the Year. Read more…

Deplorables - Deplorable
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Governors From Pit Of Hell A Collection Of Deplorables!

One of the qualities that sets humans apart from other warm blooded mammals is the ability to be kind at heart. So far, from the body of evidence of the governors’ reckless spending, looting spree, their anti people policies and programs, the diversion and conversion of public money for their own personal use, anoint them as governors from pit of hell and a collection of deplorables! Read more…

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Political Alliance Of Southern States For 2019: Igbo As President And Yoruba As VP

For 2019, it’s not going to be predictable like before. It has become politically imperative for the Southern States – South West, South East, South South plus Kogi, Kwara, and Middle Belt – to unite and form an alliance to save this dying nation. The alliance will be for common agenda for purposes of contesting 2019 presidential elections with a joint ticket of a younger generation of Igbo as presidential candidate and Yoruba as the vice-president that will clear election thresholds. Read more…

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The Fulani New Game Plan: Buhari And Atiku For President

he price of nepotism causes a complete failure of any country, or an organization. Nigeria political history is replete with such horror story. We need a new political party by youths and for youths that will produce a government by youths and for all Nigerians that will sent packing the old recycled politicians with no utilitarian value. The two Fulanis – Buhari and Atiku – are the wrong people for 2019. Read more…

War On Corruption NEWS

Nigerians Celebrate The End Of War On Corruption

Today I make good on my promise to you two years ago that I’ll kill corruption before corruption kills us. Corruption is dead! The crowd erupted with thunderous applause: “God bless you Baba! Long may you reign!” Beaming with smiles and nodding his head the president replied: “Thank you and God bless Nigeria.” Read more…