Hotels in Nigeria with Special Goodies
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Nigeria Tourism: Top 10 Hotels With Special Goodies

Welcome to Nigeria Rendezvous. We have partnered with our partner to feature the top 10 hotels in Nigeria with special goodies including swimming pools, free WiFi, and more, all on Hotels in Nigeria. Enjoy your stay here in Nigeria Rendezvous. Read more…

Cuisines, Eba and Okra Soup - Nigeria Food

10 Top Swallow Foods Eaten and Enjoyed By Nigerians

Some swallows are eaten in some particular parts of the country while some are generally eaten by every tribe. Like Starch, is eaten by people from Edo and Delta regions of the country. It is made from cassava and the orange colour is derived from the palm oil used to tint the puree while stirring it on heat. It is popularly eaten with the native Banga soup. Read more…