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History and Historic Events

June 12: The Letter MKO Abiola Would Have Written to Buhari

Abiola was a well known, highly respected and celebrated philanthropist, detribalized Nigerian who was non-discriminatory in his association with the major religions in Nigeria. It was then little wonder that when he contested the election in 1993, Nigerians from all walks of life irrespective of tribe and religion voted massively for him. Read more…

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Colomental and Mother Language, the Missing Link

Conclusively, linguists warn that globalisation poses a threat to the survival of indigenous languages but also presents an opportunity for language revival. And as somebody observed, simple gesture like Kerry Washington and Uzo Aduba tweeting in Igbo, on the occasion of the International Mother Language Day, can make young people realise that communicating in their mother tongue is as cool as, and more rewarding than, any other languages. Read more…

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Germany Ready Now to Deport 30,000 Nigerians

The Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Diaspora and Foreign Affairs, Hon. Abike Dabiri Erewa disclosed this at a program; “Developing a mixed migration strategy for UNHCR Nigeria” in Abuja on Tuesday. Read more…

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After Not-Too-Young-To-Run Law, What Next?

What will favour youths to get into political spaces in Nigeria requires not the kind of confetti-throwing razzmatazz that has followed the Not-Too-Young-To- Run law but deep strategic thinking that will dismantle the many roadblocks placed on the paths of the Nigerian youths to access real political power. Read more…

Travel By Train in Nigeria
Business and Economy

Rail Revolution Takes Center Stage In Nigeria

The Abuja Monorail project will be commissioned during the second quarter of 2018. The first phase of the 45-kilometre rail project has 12 rail stations and connects the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport to Abuja’s Central Business District. Read more…

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History and Historic Events

Nigerian National Anthem

Arise, O compatriots, Nigeria’s call obey. To serve our fatherland. With love and strength and faith. The labour of our heroes past… Here’s Nigerian National Anthem. Read more…

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Obasanjo, Where Is The Power?

Obasanjo, in his well-known personal limitations, his awesome limitations, age-old guile and negative wits, is known for such contempt for Nigerians but he will not be allowed to walk away with this one. Read more…