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Ekiti Polls; The Demystification Of Ayo Fayose

Fayose in apparent obliviousness of his primary assignment which was the welfare of the people of Ekiti state was rather drawn into the politics of his Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). At the height of things, it was difficult identifying who actually was the spokesman of the then ruling party. Read more…

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Plateau Killings: Femi Adesina and Other Presidential Morticians

While we continue to mourn the departed, we urge those who have failed abysmally in their responsibility of protecting the citizens from common criminals to, at least, show some respect for the dead by not reducing these sad incidents to a mundane game of numbers. After all, the APC government has always said we cannot compare PDP’s 16 years to that of APC’s short three years to achieve results, but in this case, APC is very quick to compare numbers with PDP. Hypocrites! Read more…

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Why Nigeria Is Not Ready For Free and Fair Elections 2019

Political patronage extends to the crucial factor of election funding. Previous elections have been marked by allegations of mismanagement of public resources to fund campaigns. It was estimated that the total amount spent by the electoral commission, political parties and candidates for the 2015 elections was about one trillion naira (USD$4 billion). A large percentage of these were “untraceable” public funds. Read more…

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Fayemi: Second Coming Of A Long Distance Runner

When he was farcically rigged out as Governor of Ekiti State four years ago, the perpetrators of that dastardly electoral gangsterism thought that Dr. Kayode Fayemi was finished in Nigerian politics. They have many reasons to think so. Read more…

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June 12: The Letter MKO Abiola Would Have Written to Buhari

Abiola was a well known, highly respected and celebrated philanthropist, detribalized Nigerian who was non-discriminatory in his association with the major religions in Nigeria. It was then little wonder that when he contested the election in 1993, Nigerians from all walks of life irrespective of tribe and religion voted massively for him. Read more…

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Colomental and Mother Language, the Missing Link

Conclusively, linguists warn that globalisation poses a threat to the survival of indigenous languages but also presents an opportunity for language revival. And as somebody observed, simple gesture like Kerry Washington and Uzo Aduba tweeting in Igbo, on the occasion of the International Mother Language Day, can make young people realise that communicating in their mother tongue is as cool as, and more rewarding than, any other languages. Read more…

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After Not-Too-Young-To-Run Law, What Next?

What will favour youths to get into political spaces in Nigeria requires not the kind of confetti-throwing razzmatazz that has followed the Not-Too-Young-To- Run law but deep strategic thinking that will dismantle the many roadblocks placed on the paths of the Nigerian youths to access real political power. Read more…

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Obasanjo, Where Is The Power?

Obasanjo, in his well-known personal limitations, his awesome limitations, age-old guile and negative wits, is known for such contempt for Nigerians but he will not be allowed to walk away with this one. Read more…

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Desperate Philistines And Quest For Power In 2019

The Philistines are not happy. Yes, they are angry and belching hot airs from frustration. They are angry at President Muhammadu Buhari for not attending to their ancient wild and bestial desires and continuing the neglect of our infrastructures. Read more…

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Why Rochas, Why?

However, you didn’t show any evidence of mending this faux pas. You rather deepened it. Everything and considerations for state and federal appointments were reduced to an Okorocha family affair and their relatives and my position was that you should be allowed the free hands to manage the state as best as you could. Read more…

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2019 And Lost Generation Of Nigerian Youths

How can Nigerian youths who are struggling in record numbers to find work, leave home, and start a family serve as propaganda sheriffs for Buhari’s second term? How can youths who are stuck in N18,000 unlivable minimum wage who should be in the highest-earnings years of their life fabricate cases and causes for supporting Buhari? Read more…

Omoyele Sowore
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Omoyele Sowore: The New Force

Looking at Sowore’s history of activism, he’s a natural, undisputed master of agitation – a distrupter – as he often tells his audience. Watching his town hall meetings, Sowore would engage in a room full of discontented targets in a rapid-fire Socratic dialogue, nudging them to admit that they were not living up to the civilized standards. Read more…

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Overruling President Muhammadu Buhari and His Unreasoned Commentary on Nigerian Youths

The Nigerian youths are not idle and lazy. All of them may not be educated as much as Buhari’s Zarah or Yusuf, but they are ambitious; industrious; innovative and can match their peers in any part of the world. It is thanks to their patience that the engine of the nation still grinds; and a certain President Muhammadu Buhari must not take this patience for stupidity, nay indolence. Read more…

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Why I am Running For Second Term The Speech President Buhari Never Delivered

Muhammadu Buhari says, “I’m sincerely grateful for the support given me by my ardent supporters and loyalists – the Buharists – who eagerly and always shield me from personal attacks by raking up all sorts of excuses at all times by blaming the Jonathan administration, political opponents, political appointees, and the late Libyan President Qaddafi, anything and anybody except me.” Read more…

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All Said, Why Should I Vote Out Buhari?

Should I vote out Buhari because he is building massive railways across Nigeria? Should I vote out Buhari because he is meticulously building a viable economy from the rubble of the chaos he met on ground? Read more…

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PDP And Its Dubious Apology

When we see a true apology, we will know from the subsequent actions and dispositions of the apologist. For now, what we see is the same old, crooked PDP whose post-apology actions and utterances have become more hardened, more unrepentant and more crooked. When we see a true apology, we will know. Read more…