Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari meets with some of the newly released Dapchi Schoolgirls, Dapchi in Abuja, Nigeria March 23, 2018. Nigeria Presidency
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Muhammadu Buhari Meets With Dapchi Schoolgirls

“While parents of Dapchi girls rejoice because of the reunion with their children, I want to appeal to the Chibok community never to lose hope or despair,” Muhammadu Buhari said. “We are determined as never before to bring back our remaining Chibok daughters.”
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Aisha Buhari Now UNAIDS Special Ambassador

Aisha Buhari’s role will be in the Elimination of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV&Promotion of Treatment for children living with HIV in Nigeria. The appointment is said to be in recognition of Buhari’s passion in the advocacy for the rights of vulnerable women and girls in the country. Read more…

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Nigeria Now 5th Happiest Country in Africa, 91st in World

In 2017, Nigeria ranked 95th on the index. The 2018 top-10, as ever dominated by the Nordics, is Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Netherlands Canada, New Zealand, Sweden and Australia. The U S. came in at 18th, down from 14th place in 2017 while Britain was 19th and the United Arab Emirates 20th. Read more…