Nigeria Tourism: 5 Places You Should Travel to in Nigeria

Yankari Resort and Safari is a large wildlife park located in the south-central part of Bauchi State, in northeastern Nigeria. It covers an area of about 2,244 square kilometres (866 sq mi) and is home to several natural warm water springs, as well as a wide variety of flora and fauna. Its location in the heartland of the West African savanna makes it a unique way for tourists and holidaymakers to watch wildlife in its natural habitat. Yankari was originally created as a game reserve in 1956, but later designated Nigeria’s biggest national park in 1991. It is the most popular destination for tourists in Nigeria and, as such, plays a crucial role in the development and promotion of tourism and ecotourism in Nigeria. Read more...
Nigeria Tourism - Travel to Nigeria

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Obudu Cattle Ranch, Tinapa

Obudu, a Local Government Area in Cross River State in Nigeria, is a tourist hotspot. The popular Obudu Cattle Ranch is situated in Obudu. This ranch attracts tourists in their numbers all year round. The ranch also organizes an annual race called Obudu Ranch International Mountain Race in the hilly surroundings. Obudu Town is also located downstream of Obudu Dam, and this serves as a recreational facility.

Due to its altitude, Obudu has a semi-temperate mountain climate. This temperature in this region is relatively moderate; it is neither extremely hot nor cold. And the transition between rainy season and dry season are usually moderate. As such, you can visit the town at any time of the year. The closest airport to Obudu is Bebi Airport. This airport serves the Bebi area in the Cross River State of Nigeria. The distance between this airport and Obudu Town is 18km. The major methods of transportation in Obudu are motorcycles (also called Okadas) and taxis. The taxis have been subsidized a great deal by the state government and as such, they are cheap and affordable. The top restaurants in Obudu can be found in the Ranch Road area of the city. These restaurants offer a variety of local and intercontinental dishes to their guest. Freedom Shopping Center and Samafric Limited some of the popular places in Obudu where people go to shop. Also, the town has many local markets where home grown groceries are sold.

The popular Obudu Cattle Ranch now referred to as Obudu Mountain Resort is located in the town of Obudu. Your visit to Obudu is not complete if you do not visit this resort center. You can also visit other places in the region such as Afi Forest Reserve and Agbokim Waterfalls.

Plateau State Tourism

The unique climate conditions of Plateau State and the numerous tourism attraction and spots has made Plateau State the home of peace and tourism and also tourist haven of Nigeria. Beautiful scenery, a rich cultural and historical heritage and excellent weather give Plateau State strong potential as a destination for tourism and recreation. With spectacular rock formations to climb, peaceful spots to picnic in, lakes for swimming, and a wide variety of wildlife to see there is plenty to attract both visitors and investors.

Home to over 50 ethnic groups, Plateau State is ‘Nigeria in miniature’, boasting a variety of festivals, languages and traditions, spectacular natural wonders such as the rugged Shere Hills, the dome-shaped Wase Rock, the Asop and Kura falls, and Lake Pudong, a crater lake created by a volcano, and cultural tourism is one area the authorities are eager to encourage. Sports tourism is another, particularly golf and polo, and there are attempts to revive horse racing. Jos, the state capital and an important commercial centre with road, rail and air links to the rest of the country, is being promoted with some success as a venue for conference tourism.

Museum of Traditional Nigerian Architecture
The Museum of Traditional Nigerian Architecture is adjacent to the National Museum in Jos. It features life-size replicas of a variety of Nigerian buildings and architectural landmarks, from the walls of Kano and the mosque at Zaria to a Tiv village. In addition, articles of interest from colonial times relating to the railway network and tin mining are on display.

Shere Hills
The Shere hills include some of the Plateau’s highest peaks. They are an impressive range of hills to the east of Jos, which offer a prime view of the city. They offer fantastic opportunities to mountain climbers and hill walkers alike. The Hills serve as a camping spot to the Citizenship and Leadership Training centre.

Riyom Rock
Riyom Rock is one of the state’s most spectacular rock formations. It is located 25 kilometers southwest of Jos along the Jos-Akwanga road Nature had carved out the geographical boundaries of Plateau State in the rock long before the state was even created and is named after the LGA in which it is located.

Pandam Game Reserve and Lake
The Pandam game reserve is a wildlife sanctuary. It is home to hippopotami, crocodiles and snakes of all types. Local park rangers track game on foot and guide people to the best viewing areas. The region is still virtually unspoiled by human contact and offers sport-fishing facilities.

Kahwang Rock Formation
The Kahwang rock formation is a set of beautiful basalt rocks. Located in the village of Bangai in the Riyom LGA, the rock formation attracts tourists from far and wide.


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Miango Rest House
The Miango rest house is a retreat and conference centre located in Miango, which was established by missionaries (Serving In Mission, SIM, Nigeria) in 1914 at the foot of a small hill (Mount Sanderson), which provides beautiful views of the surrounding area. It is located next to Kent Academy, a non-denominational missionary school. The rest house provides visitors with plenty of opportunities to hike in the surrounding area. The property also features a dam and a farm.

National Museum Jos
The National Museum in Jos was commissioned in 1952 by Bernard Fagg, a British archaeologist and museum curator, and is recognized as one of the best museums in the country. It has one large exhibition hall and two smaller ones. The museum is renowned for its archaeology and its Pottery Hall has an exceptional collection of finely crafted clay artworks from all over Nigeria. It is Nigeria’s first major museum of antiquities and the second museum established in the country (after the one in Esie, near Ilorin). The museum is home to some fine specimens of Nok terracotta heads and artifacts dating from between 500 BC and 200 AD.

Jos Zoological Garden
The Jos Zoo is close to the National Museum and Museum of Traditional Nigerian Architecture located in the centre of Jos. It was established in 1957 and is home to a wide variety of animals including birds, donkeys, porcupine, ostriches and reptiles.

Wildlife Safari Park
The Wildlife Safari Park sits in the middle of eight square kilometers of unspoiled savannah bush, about four kilometers from Jos. It is home to a wide variety of wild animals, including buffalo, lions, leopards, baboons, monkeys, pythons, crocodiles, chimpanzees, jackals and the rare pygmy hippopotamus. The park picnic areas are provided in the pine forest and the Vongnifwel Hill, 1,345 meters above sea level being the highest point east of Jos. The park also boasts panoramic views of the city of Jos.

Assop Falls
The Assop falls is perhaps the most notable of Nigeria’s many waterfalls. Located at the edge of the Jos Plateau, about 64 kilometers from Jos City on the road to Abuja, this is a popular tourist stop for picnicking, swimming and enjoying the scenery. The Assop falls are also popular with people shooting local soap operas and advertisements. The vegetation comprises gallery forests surrounded by grasslands. The Assop River, which feeds the picturesque rapids and falls, drains part of the Jos Plateau.

Kurra Falls
The Kurra falls is located in an area of magnificent scenery some 77 kilometers southeast of Jos. It is a beautiful area of hills and lakes ideal for boating, camping and rock climbing. This resulted from the activities of tin mining in the area.  It is also the location of the state’s first hydroelectric power station. The Kurra falls lies to the east of Barkin-Ladi along the Jos-Pankshin road.

Wase Rock
Wase Rock is a remarkable dome-shaped inselberg, which juts out of the ground to a height of 450 meters. A notable topographic feature of 800-foot- (250-metre-) high hill rises sharply above the savanna. It is a rock climber’s heaven. It is located about 216 kilometers southeast of Jos near Wase town. It is one of only five breeding places for the white pelican in Africa. Because of this, the government protects about 321 acres of land around the rock as a bird sanctuary and for wildlife development.
Kerang Highlands

Located about 88 kilometers from Jos, the Kerang highlands are scenic volcanic mountain hills, which are the source of a number of natural springs. These supply the popular spring water company Spring Waters Nigeria Limited (SWAN).

Panyam fish farm
This is located in Mangu local government area about 60 kilometers South-East of Jos. The farm is ideal for sports fishing. It is man-made and its products are sold at subsidized price.

Yankari Game Reserve

Yankari Resort and Safari is a large wildlife park located in the south-central part of Bauchi State, in northeastern Nigeria. It covers an area of about 2,244 square kilometres (866 sq mi) and is home to several natural warm water springs, as well as a wide variety of flora and fauna. Its location in the heartland of the West African savanna makes it a unique way for tourists and holidaymakers to watch wildlife in its natural habitat. Yankari was originally created as a game reserve in 1956, but later designated Nigeria’s biggest national park in 1991. It is the most popular destination for tourists in Nigeria and, as such, plays a crucial role in the development and promotion of tourism and ecotourism in Nigeria. It is also one of the most popular eco-destinations in West Africa.

Yankari has rich wildlife resources. The park is an important refuge for over 50 species of mammal including African bush elephant, olive baboon, patas monkey, Tantalus monkey, roan antelope, western hartebeest, lion, African buffalo, waterbuck, bushbuck and hippopotamus. It also has a large and diverse freshwater ecosystem around its freshwater springs and the Raji River.

There are also over 350 species of bird found in the park. Of these, 130 are resident, 50 are Palearctic migrants and the rest are intra-African migrants that move locally within Nigeria. These birds include the saddle-billed stork, white-rumped vulture, guinea fowl, grey hornbill, and the cattle egret.

Yankari is recognized as having one of the largest populations of elephants in West Africa, estimated at more than 300 in 2005. The growth of the elephant population has become a problem for surrounding villages at times as the animals enter local farms during the rainy season. The elephants have also stripped the park of many of its baobab trees.

The “Wikki Camp” is the tourist centre of the park. Located about 42 kilometres from the main entrance gate, the camp is built beside, and named after, the Wikki warm spring, which is open for swimming 24 hours a day. There are 110 furnished chalets with varying size and quality, ranging from the ‘’presidential’’ suites to the youth hostel, all of which are being upgraded in phases. The camp also provides a restaurant, bar and conference centre. Daily safari trips depart at least twice from the camp. The museum in the camp is well stocked with a variety of skins, tusks, bones and fully mounted stuffed game from the park. It is educational while also acting as a conservation centre, displaying hunting gear and traps taken from poachers.

Gurara Falls

Gurara Falls is located on the Gurara River along the road between Suleja and Minna in Niger State. The waterfalls are covers about 300 meters across and drop 30 meters below. The waterfalls were discovered in 1745 by a Gwari hunter while he was traveling from Zaria to hunt for animals. Gurara Waterfalls was worshiped by people living in communities around it. The Europeans later rediscovered it in 1925 as a recreational center.

Travel tips: Gurara Falls has two main streams of waterfalls, but during the rainy season, the whole cliff is usually covered with a curtain of waterfalls. To get close to the waterfalls, tourists would need to make a daring walk. In the month of January, the falls are just a trickle and visitors can swim in clear pools at the bottom of the Gurara falls. Apart from the breath-taking view of the waterfall, Gurara Falls is also a great place for birdwatching.

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