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‘Don’t Allow Anybody to Talk of Ethnicity’ – Buhari Says No Favouritism Towards Hausa/Fulani

President Muhammadu Buhari said: ”There is something that hit me very hard and I am happy I hit it back at somebody. “Seven states of the North are only represented in my cabinet by junior ministers, ministers of state. In Southeast, I got 198,000 votes but I have four substantive ministers and seven junior ministers from there. You are closer to the people than myself now that I have been locked up here, don’t allow anybody to talk of ethnicity. It is not true.” Read more…

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2018 Not Good Year for Muhammadu Buhari

In reality, Buhari, 75, cannot run. The president who ran his 2015 campaign with messianic zeal has become the antithesis of hope. The sorry story of thousands of Nigerians who left the country in search of better life, trekking through the Sahara desert, only to end up in shackles in Libya is one example. Read more…

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After 17 Years Parliament Passes Major Nigeria Oil Reform Legislation

“The PIGB, as passed yesterday, is the same as passed by the Senate. We have harmonized everything and formed the National Assembly Joint Committee on PIB,” Alhassan Ado Doguwa, a key PIB lawmaker. Uncertainty over terms affecting taxation of upstream oil development has been the main sticking point holding back billions of dollars of investment for the oil industry. This will be addressed later in an accompanying bill. Read more…

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David Oyelowo Biography and Profile

David Oyelowo is a classically trained stage actor also known for screen projects like ‘Spooks,’ ‘As You Like It,’ ‘Red Tails,’ ‘Lincoln’ and ‘The Butler.’ Born in Oxford, England, on April 1, 1976, David Oyelowo honed his passion for acting into award-winning stage work, as seen with dramas like Henry VI and Prometheus Bound. His TV projects have included Spooks, As You Like It, Small Island and The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, and he has starred in big-screen ventures like The Paperboy, Middle of Nowhere, Lincoln, The Butler and Interstellar. Read more…

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Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) to Be Publicly Listed

The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) expects a bill that will allow it to be publicly listed will be signed into law this year, its chief executive Oscar Onyema said on Tuesday. The second-biggest exchange in sub-Saharan Africa after Johannesburg and a main entry point for investors in Africa, the Nigerian bourse last year got a green light from its members, mostly stockbrokers and some institutional investors, to become a publicly listed company. Read more…

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President Buhari Hastens Nigeria’s Break Up

President Buhari looks the other way while his kinsmen – Fulani herdsmen – have turned Benue and other states in the country to killing fields. It is evident that he tacitly approved the killings. With his waffling, wobbling, and shuffling, on restructure, and the genocide carried out by Fulani herdsmen, President Buhari hastens Nigeria’s break up. Read more…

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Nigeria’s Love For Norwegian Stockfish

“We sell about 200 to 250 containers of stockfish to Nigeria; that’s about 4,000 tonnes,” Mr Falchs says. “It’s around 20 to 30 million dinners.” Fifty years on, stockfish has turned from an emergency, life-saving ration into a staple food – and a key part of Nigerian culinary identity. Read more…

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Genetically Modified Cassava Test Endorsed in Nigeria

A research scientist, Paul Onyenekwe, has described the approval granted to two international agencies by a Nigerian regulatory agency to test run some genetically modified cassava in Nigeria as a welcome development. Mr. Onyenekwe, the President of Nigeria Biotechnology and Biosafety Consortium, NBBC, was reacting to criticisms levelled against the approved field trials by some civic groups. Read more…

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Igbo Ladies Are The Most Loving Marriage Partners

Seriously, most Yoruba men would not even dare go to Yoruba ladies above them asking her in marriage unless they wanna hia wod! If they dare, you can be sure none of the ladies would be on the level of Igbo ladies that would marry down; but only to Igbo men. By the time ladies are well educated, they must have established some relationships while in school; though others may miss out. In that case, these ladies would rather stake their chances on good education. Read more…

Mass Burial Held for People Killed in Violence Between Herdsmen and Farmers
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Mass Burial: 73 People Killed in Violence Between Herdsmen and Farmers Laid to Rest

“Something that is disturbing that I have heard about is linking those developments to the fact that a Fulani man is president and so, he is brooking such kind of evil acts,” said the president’s spokesman, Femi Adesina, this week, adding that such violence predated Buhari’s administration. The herdsmen are mostly Muslim and the settled farmers are often Christian. Read more…

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Nigeria Signs Legal Agreement With King and Spalding, LLP Geneva, Switzerland to Tackle Dumping of Products

The agreement was signed in Geneva by Chief Negotiator and Director-General of the Nigerian Office for Trade Negotiations (NOTN), Ambassador Chiedu Osakwe for Nigeria, while Mr Daniel Crosby stood for King and Spalding. Osakwe said “the firm is expected to support the drafting of Nigeria’s trade remedy law and prepare a legal brief on the rationale and requirements for the legislation, which will effectively stop dumping on the Nigerian market. Read more…