Polio Eradication - Nigeria Immunisation Against Polio
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Nigeria Now Winning Battle to End Polio

If the country can make it to three years, plus a few extra months as an epidemiological cushion, it will be certified polio-free, which will also mean that the entire continent of Africa is clear of the disease. That will leave Afghanistan and Pakistan as the only nations on Earth where polio is endemic. Read more…

Igbo 'Isi Ewu' Delicacy

Igbo ‘Isi Ewu’ Delicacy

If you are visiting the eastern part of the country and looking to have a taste of this palatable, you may want to lodge at hotels such as The Gate Luxury Apartment, Enugu; Finotel Classy Hotel, Awka; Luxury City Royale, Aba, whose chefs are skilled in preparing the delicacy. Read more…

Nigerian Indomie Noodles Chicken Flavor - Indomie Instant Noodles

Nigerian Indomie Noodles Chicken Flavor – Indomie Instant Noodles

Latham Says, “Lovely quick, satisfying snack to which almost anything can be added to make the noodles more interesting. They are fine on their own with their own seasoning, but a little cooked pork, chicken, beef, whatever turns a tasy snack into a meal if you also add a few frozen veggies. I can not live without these. I have tried countless instant ramen, and a lot of the same flavoured ones but these are just delicious. A good buy. Highly recommend.” Read more…