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Fayemi: Second Coming Of A Long Distance Runner

When he was farcically rigged out as Governor of Ekiti State four years ago, the perpetrators of that dastardly electoral gangsterism thought that Dr. Kayode Fayemi was finished in Nigerian politics. They have many reasons to think so. Read more…

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After Not-Too-Young-To-Run Law, What Next?

What will favour youths to get into political spaces in Nigeria requires not the kind of confetti-throwing razzmatazz that has followed the Not-Too-Young-To- Run law but deep strategic thinking that will dismantle the many roadblocks placed on the paths of the Nigerian youths to access real political power. Read more…

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Obasanjo, Where Is The Power?

Obasanjo, in his well-known personal limitations, his awesome limitations, age-old guile and negative wits, is known for such contempt for Nigerians but he will not be allowed to walk away with this one. Read more…

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Desperate Philistines And Quest For Power In 2019

The Philistines are not happy. Yes, they are angry and belching hot airs from frustration. They are angry at President Muhammadu Buhari for not attending to their ancient wild and bestial desires and continuing the neglect of our infrastructures. Read more…

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Why Rochas, Why?

However, you didn’t show any evidence of mending this faux pas. You rather deepened it. Everything and considerations for state and federal appointments were reduced to an Okorocha family affair and their relatives and my position was that you should be allowed the free hands to manage the state as best as you could. Read more…

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All Said, Why Should I Vote Out Buhari?

Should I vote out Buhari because he is building massive railways across Nigeria? Should I vote out Buhari because he is meticulously building a viable economy from the rubble of the chaos he met on ground? Read more…

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Dino Melaye’s Never-Passing Recall Cup

Melaye must be terribly downcast at the prospects that his recall may not be shelved by the tricks he had adopted so he has to be a man and face this cup that has refused to pass by him. Nigerians helplessly endured Melaye’s unending nuisance when it was in full bloom. Read more…

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National Assembly’s Meddlesome Intrusion In INEC Independence

Any one still reserving any sympathy for the National Assembly members in this their window-shopping venture gave up when the National Assembly members, against every natural sequence, specifically put the National Assembly election as the first election in their fancied election schedule. Read more. Read more…

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Ensuring The Present Anti-Graft War Outlives The Buhari Tenure

Nigerians must take more than a passing interest in who eventually succeeds Buhari, the records and credentials of such persons so as to ensure that we are not returned to the same ghoulish paths he had been doing everything to steer us away from. The alternative is too scary to even consider. Read more…

Aliko Dangote

Ensuring Adequate Fuel Supply Before Dangote Refinery Berths

All said, the tremendous promises of the Dangote refinery, which promises to start operation next year, should gladden the hearts of Nigerians that somehow, a Nigerian has come to the rescue from many years of official ineptitude and corruption. The Dangote refinery is expected to end this cyclical embarrassment of total dependence on petroleum products and the businessman needs commending for this giant intervention. Read more…

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Rabid Ethnicity As Factor Holding Down Nigeria

The dangers of ethnicity, as I have reported earlier here, is that it unleashes a very fierce divisive demon that rips apart the ethnic subsets and pits their members against each other. The evil in the rabid ethnicity that has seized Nigerians today is that it defies control as it ravages the people down to family units thus it has become a factor in dispersing rather than building the strengths of the nation or even of the contending tribes. Read more…