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APC and The ‘Burden’ of Adams Oshiomole

When comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomole of the “go and die infamy” took over the leadership of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) late June, following a fairly successful National Convention, not few persons within the rank and file of the party, had thought that he was coming to guide the party through the rocks it was visibly headed at the time. Read more…

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Okorocha and the Imo House of Assembly

Ever since the present embattled deputy governor of the state, Prince Eze Madumere indicated his intention to run for the seat of the executive governor of the state in the forthcoming general election in apparent bid to benefit from the zoning principle in the state which currently favours his Owerri zone, the relationship that subsisted between Madumere and his boss, Rochas Okorocha whom at some point described the man as a “son in whom he was well pleased”, has hit the rocks. Read more…

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Ekiti Polls, The Demystification Of Ayo Fayose

Fayose in apparent obliviousness of his primary assignment which was the welfare of the people of Ekiti state was rather drawn into the politics of his Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). At the height of things, it was difficult identifying who actually was the spokesman of the then ruling party. Read more…

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Overruling President Muhammadu Buhari and His Unreasoned Commentary on Nigerian Youths

The Nigerian youths are not idle and lazy. All of them may not be educated as much as Buhari’s Zarah or Yusuf, but they are ambitious; industrious; innovative and can match their peers in any part of the world. It is thanks to their patience that the engine of the nation still grinds; and a certain President Muhammadu Buhari must not take this patience for stupidity, nay indolence. Read more…

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The Task Before the ‘Bench’ and the ‘Bar’ in 2018 and Beyond

Alas, it has been an eventful year no doubt with its highs and lows both for the Bar and the Bench. And the future is already upon us. As the New Year unfurls, it is my expectation that the leadership of these sister professions, would give due consideration to some of the issues herein before highlighted and those not adverted to. A step in this direction would tantamount to a win-win for both man, God and Country. Read more…