21 July, 2018

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Nigeria Air

Here’s FG New Improved Nigeria Air

Ministry of Aviation in Abuja, the Minister of State for Aviation, Senator Hadi Sirika was quoted as saying, “I am very pleased to tell you that we are finally on track to launching a new national flag carrier for our country, Nigeria Air. We are all fully committed to fulfilling the campaign promise made by our President, Muhammadu Buhari, in 2015. We are aiming to launch Nigeria Air by the end of this year. Read more…

Boko Haram - nigeria news

Boko Haram Suspects Confess to Chibok Abduction

Abba Kyari, deputy commissioner of police, said 22 suspected members of the militant group were arrested in different locations in the neighbouring northeastern states of Yobe and Borno. “It was an intelligence-led operation. We have been monitoring them for about six months to one year,” said Kyari, who led the team. Read more…

Nigeria Bishop Udeh - Nigeria News

2019 Election Will See More Election Fraud – Bishop Udeh Reveals

The General Overseer of Mount Zion Faith Global Liberation Ministries Inc (a.k.a By Fire By Fire), Nnewi, Bishop Abraham Chris Udeh, has said his prophecy of a monumental rigging in 2019 presidential election by the All Progressives Congress (APC), is gradually manifesting with what happened in Ekiti State last Saturday. Bishop Udeh said what happened in Ekiti will be a child’s play compared with what will happen in 2019 presidential election. Bishop Udeh claimed that he saw the APC government will use the DSS, EFCC, ICPC and the judiciary to intimidate their opposition for it to win the 2019 presidential election. Read more…

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Best Places and Attractions to Visit in Nigeria

Places And Attractions in Uyo - Akwa Ibom state
Places & Attractions

Top 10 Places And Attractions in Uyo

Whether an adventure seeker , movie lovers, golfer, foodie, shopaholic or collector of random facts, you will find there are so many things to do while visiting. Here is a list of the top 10 places to go and fun things to do in Uyo. Read more…

Abraka Turf and Country Club
Places & Attractions

Delta State Top 7 Travel Destinations

Other tourist attractions within Delta State are Jamieson River in Sapoba, Leisure Paradise Amusement Park, Effurun, Olona Ranch and Holiday Resort, Onicha-Olona, Mungo Park house in Asaba, Expatriate Graveyard in Asaba, Bomadi Beach Party Resort in Bomadi LGA, Escarvos Beach in Escarvos, Gordon River Resort, Abraka, Eni Lake, Uzere, Isoko South LGA, Okpuzu Fall, Ibusa, Oshimili North LGA, Iyiada Valley, Ogwashi-Uku, Aniocha South LGA, Ogbeke Square, Asaba, Red Mangrove Swamps, Warri South-West, Burutu, Benbo Games Village, and Abraka. Read more…


  • Vacation in Nigeria Travel and Tourism

    Travelling abroad? Call your service provider to help you set up the cheapest plan for making calls, sending text messages, and accessing Internet from your smartphone. Many cell phone companies including T-Mobile — offer affordable day passes to U.S. customers for International talk, text, and data plans. Read more…

  • Hotels in Nigeria with Special Goodies

    Welcome to Nigeria Rendezvous. We have partnered with our partner Booking.com to feature the top 10 hotels in Nigeria with special goodies including swimming pools, free WiFi, and more, all on Hotels in Nigeria. Enjoy your stay here in Nigeria Rendezvous. Read more…

  • Sheraton Lagos Hotel in Nigeria - Latest News - Headline - Hotels and Travel - Nigeria Rendezvous

    Welcome to Nigeria Rendezvous. Our travel partner Booking.com and Nigeria Rendezvous have compiled the Top 10 Nigeria Hotels as rated by the people who used have directed booked and lodged in these hotels. Here are the Top 10 Nigeria Hotels… Read more…



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Feature Stories

Buhari Commissioned First Abuja Light Rail on Stream

Buhari Commissions Abuja First Light Rail on Stream

President Muhammdu Buhari commissioned the first Abuja Light Rail system in demonstration of the commitment to address dearth of critical infrastructure. Buhari said: “Today, what we have in the Federal Capital Territory is another evidence that we are a government that delivers on its promises.” Read more…

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Employment Advice

Career Advice: How Do I Negotiate Better Salary?

Think about things you could offer such as essential business contacts or insider knowledge on a competitor. You could also suggest a guaranteed increase in salary after a certain time period once you have proven your worth. This makes the employer aware you will put in extra effort to achieve goals during that time to get the reward. Read more…

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World Travel Adapter for Spain, Nigeria – It-Ng Spain Travel Plug

Travel Adapter Spain for device from Nigeria. Travel Plug with grounded plug 3 pin Spain for device from Nigeria. Tourist Adaptor for diverse devices can be used with Type G 3 pin and 2 pin connector. Adapter plug for Spain. Suitable for holding a variety of electrical and electronic devices such as notebooks, actual mobiles/smartphones, Iron, Föhne and many others. Compatible with the sockets of the type E + for robust and reliable, lightweight design. Read more…

Dead on Arrival By Paul Oluikpe - Nigerian Author
Nigerian Authors Books

Dead on Arrival By Paul Oluikpe

Reader’s Comment: CHRISTIAN GREEN, “In fact what more can i say, this book is a masterpiece and should be recommended for all. Well structured, enthusiastic, inspirational and articulated craft. Thumbs up.” Read ‘Dead on Arrival’ By Paul Oluikpe . Read more…

Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie - Latest News - Headline - Nigeria Rendezvous
Nigerian Authors Books

‘Americanah’ By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

In this sprawling ‘Americanah’ book, Adichie puts racism, the dark malaise of “choicelessness” and the changing face of global politics under her microscope. Part fairy tale, part adventure, the ambitious novel follows Ifemelu and Obinze with attention and sympathy, charting their humiliations and indignities, their failures and successes, capturing in empathetic detail what happens when people go in search of choice and certainty far from home. “You are in a country that is not your own,” Uju tells Ifemelu. “You do what you have to do if you want to succeed.” Read more…

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Trtl Pillow – Scientifically Proven Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow

Trtl Pillow is special because it looks different, it resembles a regular scarf which means you can look and feel better when you are sleeping. Snuggle into the soft hypoallergenic fleece for a blissful sleep on your journey. The patented design doesn’t resemble any other travel product that’s currently on the market, it’s unique and one of a kind. The Trtl Pillow has also been scientifically proven to support your head and neck in an ergonomic position? All of this and more benefits equal a great sleep when you travel. Read more…

Nigeria 2.0 By Dayo Adedayo - Nigeria Author on Tourism
Nigeria Tourism Books

Nigeria 2.0 By Dayo Adedayo

Nigeria 2.0 is a visual journey. It reveals the country’s familiar and unknown treasures never seen before through the lens of a renowned and award winning photographer ‘Dayo Adedayo. Find out more about Nigeria 2.0 By Dayo Adedayo. Discover Nigeria today. The real and true Nigeria. Read more…

Stay With Me Hardcover By Ayobami Adebayo - Latest News - Headline - Nigeria Rendezvous
Nigerian Authors Books

Stay With Me By Ayobami Adebayo

Yejide is hoping for a miracle, for a child. It is all her husband wants, all her mother-in-law wants, and she has tried everything – arduous pilgrimages, medical consultations, appeals to God. But when her relatives insist upon a new wife, it is too much for Yejide to bear. It will lead to jealousy, betrayal and despair. Continue reading excerpt of ‘Stay With Me Hardcover By Ayobami Adebayo’. Read more…